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Bird Nest

Bird Nest

Game Name: Bird Nest

Game Description:

In this hunting game you need to help a mother bird to feed her kids. Be careful and avoid the sides of your screen or you will be  damaged and you will fall and lose a life. Fly careful. Hunt for your kids. The food for your kids will be worms that will be scattered  all over the ground, you need to pick them up and give them your kids. Show your hunting skills in this Bird nest hunting game! Your kids will not grow if the don’t get the food. You are limited in time so you need to be fast while hunting. In order to go to the next level  you need to hunt a certain number of worms for your kids that you will see on top of your screen. Good luck!


Use arrow keys to fly.

Spacebar-Grab Food and Release.

Game Category: Hunting Games

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Bird Nest