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Bow hunter target challenge

Bow hunter target challenge

Game Name: Bow hunter target challenge

Game Description:

Bow hunter target challenge! We would like to welcome you to this fantastic game! If you love hunting and challenging there is no reason not to love this great game! If you love bow and arrow you will also love it. This game could be a single player game but you can also call your friends, challenge them and start playing together. That could be even more fun to play. Your task is to hit as many deer targets as you can. The more deer you hit, the more points you get. If you hit a deer that is farthest away from you, that will bring you 100 points. You get 50 points if you hit a deer which is close to you. If you miss the target you will get 25 points and be careful not to miss the whole deer because in that case you will not get any points. If you have speed, reflexes and precision you can easily mastered this game. It is better to shoot at distant target because that is how you can earn more points. Everyone could love this fantastic game because it is very challenging and brings lots of excitement. What makes this game more fun to play are great graphics, animation and sounds of nature which makes everything very realistic. There is also wildlife around you which is why it’s more interesting to play. Everyone can play it, no matter how old you are, so if you love hunting, don’t wait anymore, take part in this game and enjoy. Use a bow and arrow to practise your targeted and have a great fun!


You need to use your mouse to play.

Click and hold mouse button and drag mouse down in order to draw your bow.

When you want to release the arrow you just release mouse button.


Game Category: Hunting Games

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Bow hunter target challenge