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Bowmaster Halloween

Bowmaster Halloween

Game Name: Bowmaster Halloween

Game Description:

First and most important, you need to have installed a Unity player in order to play this game, you can download it here:

In this part of Bowmaster game your targets are now wisps, some of them will stay in place, some of them will move and some of them will use cover so you will need to give your best and to try to be as precise as possible in order to shoot them all. Like in other part of this hunting game your weapons are bow and arrow. In each level you need to hit all the wisps in order to go to the next level. Levels in this game are very scary because it is Halloween! Show have good you are with bow and arrow and win this awesome and challenging hunting game! In some levels you can find a secrets and that are pumpkins that will be well hidden meaning that you will have to pay attention and take a good look around in order to find them.



Use mouse to play.  

Game Category: Hunting Games

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Bowmaster Halloween