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Bronek Hunt

Bronek Hunt

Game Name: Bronek Hunt

Game Description:

It’s time to go to hunt, get your hunting rifle and go into action! If you are a fan of hunting games then you will adore this Bronek Hunt game. Your task is to kill as much animals like: deer, pheasant, bear, geese and others as much of them as you can in order to get higher score. Always aim in the head of the animal because if you hit it in the head it will be instant kill. In front of you are challenging levels and each next level will be harder then previous one so do your best and prove how good your hunters skills are. The game is simple, just aim, shoot and reload, try to aim fast and to be precise. We wish you good luck in this awesome hunting game!

Use your mouse to Aim and Shoot.
Aim on Reload and shoot at it to reload your gun.

Game Category: Hunting Games

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Bronek Hunt