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Dear hunter game

Dear hunter game

Game Name: Dear hunter game

Game Description:

Dear hunter game! Get ready for your hunting and prepare your rifle because this is another fantastic hunting game and you’re welcome! The aim and your task is very simple! Just shoot as many deer as you can which will bring you maximum points and will move you to the next level. In each level you must shoot a certain number of deer, and every next level will be more difficult  and will require more of your skills. Start with locating your target and shoot! While you hunt you will have the most realistic background and sounds of wild nature. Little remark:  you can shoot twice  then you must re-charge your rifle, so be quickly with charging because deers are very fast animals and to win you must be faster then him. To reload your rifle use spacebar, and shoot with your mouse. Killing for the monster buck will take you two shoots but will bring you more points. Enjoy your hunt and have fun, we wish you luck!


Use mouse to aim and fire.


Game Category: Hunting Games

Dear hunter game