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Duck hunter autumn forest

Duck hunter autumn forest

Game Name: Duck hunter autumn forest

Game Description:

Duck hunter autumn forest! Here is the fantastic game that you will absolutely enjoy playing it. We hope that hunters are ready for another season of duck hunting that is just opened. Make sure you shoot as many ducks as you can. The more ducks you shoot, the more points you get. Play and collect watches and stars. Blue watch gives you time, red watch takes you time while star gives you extra points. This is a great hunting game where you have a chance to show and practice your hunting skills. By using your skills you need to shoot ducks and prove that they are not able to flee from you. What makes everything more interesting are awesome graphics made in the most realistic way. There are also sound effects of nature and animals, you will be thrilled. This game is perfect for those who love to hunt ducks, so if you are among them start to play and have a great fun!


Mouse should be used to play.

Game Category: Hunting Games

Duck hunter autumn forest