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Morning Catch

Morning Catch

Game Name: Morning Catch

Game Description:

First and most important, you need to have installed a Unity player in order to play this game, you can download it here:

Morning is the best time for fishing! Here you can catch a fish on six different areas. Choose the one you like the best, prepare your fishing rod and your baits. In each of these areas you can catch different types of fishes, when you click on the area you will see the names of that fishes that you can catch there. When you choose a place for fishing on your top left you will see a couple of options: first one is for choosing a fishing rod that you want to use, on the start you will first need to collect money for some of them and you gain the money by catching a fish. Every fishing rod cost a certain amount of money that you will see. Next is to choose a place for fishing. You can also see the top scores of fisherman and players from all around the world, try to beat them and set your personal best score. The aim of the game is to catch as much fishes as you can in every area try to catch all kind of fishes that are living there. Good luck and have fun in this Morning Catch game!


Use mouse to aim and catch a fish.

Game Category: Fishing Games

Morning Catch