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Supreme deer hunting

Supreme deer hunting

Game Name: Supreme deer hunting

Game Description:

Supreme deer hunting! Dear hunters are you ready for the opening of the new hunting season? We believe you are and we want to welcome you to the supreme deer hunting! So now it’s time to prepare your patience and take your guns. Don’t worry because in this game your quarry is very slow so you will not have problems and risk them to escape. We recommend you to shoot them straight to the head because then you will win the largest number of points. There are three cases that can bring you trophies: the first, if you kill 100 goe, the second if you kill 50 bucks or, the third, if you kill 5 big bucks. Little hint, you can upgrade your stuff after each round, and we believe you’ll have so many rounds. This game is for all generations, but the kids will especially love it. Have a great fun and even better hunting score!


Press S key to change your sight, hold space to reload Use mouse to shoot


Game Category: Hunting Games

Supreme deer hunting