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Trapshoot 2

Trapshoot 2

Game Name: Trapshoot 2

Game Description:

You can play this hunting game on Easy, Medium or Hard. In Easy mode you need to shoot a Clay Pigeons, on Medium mode, chickens and on Hard mode  you need to shoot a Beer Cans which will not be easy task. You have six bullets in each round in your hunting rifle, make them count and try not  to miss. On the bottom of your screen you can see your total score. You have 10 rounds in this game in which you need to shoot your targets and bring them down as much as possible. At the start of each round you will get a task in which you need to shoot a certain number of targets, red targets that you see will be live targets and green targets  will be targets that you already hit. In order to get more points you need to shoot your target earlier. Enjoy in the new part of this awesome hunting game!



Use mouse to shoot.

Game Category: Hunting Games

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Trapshoot 2