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Turkey Hunter 2

Turkey Hunter 2

Game Name: Turkey Hunter 2

Game Description:

Welcome to Turkey Hunter 2, one of the best hunting game on the site! This game is simple, you just need to shoot Turkey that escaped from their home and they are wondering on the city streets and you need to shoot them. Test your shooting skills and your speed when it comes to aiming and precision. You need to be fast on the trigger and you need to reload your hunting gun on time, you don’t want Turkey to escape you. For every Turkey you hit you will earn points so try to make best score, compete with your friends if you want and see who is better hunter. During the game you will unlock new weapons that you can use in this hunting, more powerful and

cool looking. Enjoy playing this online hunting game!


Use mouse to aim and shoot.

R-Reload your gun.

Game Category: Hunting Games

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Turkey Hunter 2