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Warriors – Hunting Game game

Warriors – Hunting Game game

Game Name: Warriors – Hunting Game game

Game Description:

In this world of the warriors you can choose one out of four clans of cats: WindClan are Swift and Loyal, Shadow Clan is Wily and Proud, RiverClan is Clever and Strong and ThunderClan is Fierce and Brave. Your task is to survive with one of these cats to the end of the game. In this hunting world you need to hunt in order to survive which means that you need to hunt enough prey before time runs out in order to move to the next level or Clan’s territory. Your pray will be rabbits but you need to be careful of dangerous dog that will appear from time to time,they can hurt you, jump over them. Good luck and have fun!


Use arrow keys to play.

Spacebar-Catch a prey.

Game Category: Hunting Games

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Warriors – Hunting Game game